Converting to Snow Leopard operating system created a mountain of problems for me and all the video/audio programs we rely on. Various device driver downloads solved most of my camera compatibility issues, but now my hub for my podcasting mics is unable to be read as an “aggregate device”, because Snow Leopard won’t make that a choice.

This is a situation our technology grand pubah calls “confrustion”, the unfortunate hybrid of confusion and frustration. You can see it on our faces, below. I’m guessing since we’re a startup trying to build a new public media brand, being confrusted will become the norm for the next few weeks.



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2 Responses to “Confrusted”

  1. kevin whited Says:

    Sorry to hear about the tech problems!

    Just curious, though — what hub are you using?

    • elisehu Says:

      I’m using a standard Belkin hub, built for up to seven inputs. I have digital mics that connect with USB, and they all just go into the hub. I think the bigger problem is that my OS won’t allow the hub to be set up as the mic input. It reads the four mics plugged into the hub separately, which is useless to me.

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